Rails through the Bush

Rails through the Bush

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Rails through the Bush

Timber and firewood tramways and railway contractors of Western Australia

Second Edition
By Adrian Gunzburg & Jeff Austin
Published 2008 by Rail Heritage WA

304 pages, 231 x 295mm landscape format, hard cover with dust jacket, many photographs (now including 28 in colour), maps and scale drawings of many locomotives at 1:64 scale. 

This is the definitive work on the steam locomotives of the Western Australian logging and firewood railways, and Western Australian railway contractors. It includes a brief historical introduction to each company. Western Australian logging tramways were very different to those in the east. They were much bigger operations, and had a more railway-like character. They had a wonderful collection of locomotives, mostly from American and British suppliers, and most were bought new. Unlike in the east, few were geared, and few were "home-made".

This is a completely revised edition of the book first published by the LRRSA in 1997 which sold out within eighteen months.The reproduction of the black and white photos is now greatly improved by the use of the duo-tone process, and many are reproduced much larger.