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Australia's Colourful American Locomotives
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Number of ratings: 42
Average rating: 5
A must have book
It doesn't matter whether you are interested in modelling locos from this period or building replicas, this book is superb. Most interesting and is done at a proper size for viewing well.
A wonderful book
Well researched work with detailed drawings.
From the erecting halls of the great Baldwin Works to the Australian countryside I wonder if many of the period saw past the utilitarian to the design principles applied to the imported locomotives.
The best I've ever seen
So well put together.
Beautifully produced and researched book. Well worth the addition to the book collection of Australian railway history.
Great book beautifully produced and illustrated and an excellent resource on an important and overlooked topic..
This is a wonderful book in every way - along with the exquisite and detailed coloured drawings the history of design and relationship to architecture is fascinating. I had little knowledge of the use of USA made locomotives in Australia (apart from the NSW 59 class) but there were quite in number full of character - thankyou for the book.
A great piece of research in an area of personal interest to me. (decorative paint work)
Pure enjoyment from beginning to end.
An exceptional book - highly recommended as an interesting historic guide to our early American loco aquitisions!
A bit disappointed. Extensive research, but some information I find a bit dubious..e.g.the comment on the making of Russia Iron, which mentions the oxides in charcoal..There are none! For me, this brings doubt about other information.A great and creditable effort overall, but almost all Baldwin, and the architectural connections seem stretched a bit thin
Absolutely superb. Stunning graphics and extremely well researched.
Very well done!
This is a large coffee table book, printed on heavy paper, with wonderful illustrations and informative narrative. Shipping to the US was relatively quick.
Very nicely done
Quite detailed and fills a gap in the coloring of these engines.
First Class
Marvelous, been a long time coming, but worth the money & the wait please convey my thanks to both the author David Fletcher also to the publisher for the quality and final presentation, it definitely dispels the "Myth" that all American built Locomotives were Black
Best Train book I've ever purchased
Beautifully presented hard copy large book. Full of awesome illustrations, photos and wonderful information. Couldn't be happier with it.
A fantastic work on an under coveted subject. Definately recommended for those with an interest in the early Australian railway scene or American locomotive builders of this time.
Revealed info on colour schemes of the QGR's Baldwins not previously published. An excellent bit of research and most useful for anyone modelling this era. The illustrations are brilliant and are of very high quality.
Very unique subject matter and format.
Excellent and amazing
Amazing pictures with awedome detail. Well laid out and a well designed and put together book. The paper and binding of the book is excellent in qualty and appearsnce. Well done to the publisher and Author.
This is an exceptional production
It is such a rare pleasure to have a book that is so extensively researched and well written being matched by an equally high standard of book production. The format, layout an illustrations are of supurb and it is easy to see this book becoming a collectors item in the future.
Outstanding accomplishment
This book sets a new standard for railway history books. The depth of the research and the amazing revelations of the technical illustrations are something rarely if ever seen before. I can't say enough good about this book.
Probably the best book I have ever purchased. The photos are just stunning and the text that I have read so far looks just as good.
Excellant, informative, colourful
An amazing effort to get all this information together. Loved the relationship to architecture and all the pictures. The format makes it a bit hard to read in bed!!
Having previously seen some of David's work in various magazines I thought I had a fairly good idea of what to expect, but my expectations have definitely been exceeded. Congratulations to everyone concerned, it's an absolutely top rate book.
So good I ordered a second copy for a friend.
Big beautiful photos and drawings. Well researched and informative. Easy to read and well layed out. A definate treasure of a book.
20 out of 10
I am still reading it as it is so detailed I sometimes go back and re read pages to fully understand the information.
A great book for anyone interested in early American Locomotives
As a masive fan of 1880 american locomotives this is a great book as the Author goes into great detail about every aspect of the locomotives and their decor. Well reserched with fantastic illustrations.
Absolute stunning, not what we expected.
Obviously the product of many years labour & dedication.
Absolutely beautiful book 10 out of 10
The book is beautifully presented with fantistic photos and drawings. Well researched and informative history of these locomotives. Worth every cent. Congratulations to the author.
A quality product. Beautifully presented on quality paper, giving the text, diagrams and photos an outstanding eminence. Truly a book worth owning.
The packaging was also first class
Superb book
The book is superb, with highly detailed drawings and fascinating history. The quality of paper and printing are of the highest order. Also well packed and timely delivery.
An excellent book with truly superb illustrations and first class production. It examines, with scholarly authority and in the context of locomotives, the connection between art, history and design. It has an importance beyond railway history and should be in the libraries of wherever engineering, architecture and design are studied. Congratulations to the author and to LRRSA as the publisher.
excellent book - bigger than expected.
Great book - huge size (A3 landscape) with plenty of colour drawings and period (B&W) photographs along with informative text.
The history of loco architecture is fascinating and gives a real background to the subject. I cannot fault the detail and research that has gone into this publication.
I would have liked to see the geared logging locos covered but maybe they deserve a book on their own.
Very Highly
If you think you are going to read this in a day, forget it. This publication is a deep delve into the Baldwin locomotives used in Australia and yet you can dip into individual stories for a quick reference. Colours used is only a part of the story. This is THE book for genuine lovers of historical detail. In combination with Garry Saunders volume "NSW Railways in Colour", nearly all Australian locomotive and carriage paint schemes are covered. Don't miss this one!
Amazingly detail and quality
I wish all railway books I have purchased looked as good and had as much fabulous research done before publication. I thought I already knew a fair about some of these locos, but David's research has revealed so much new information that I have not xome across before. All with illustrations that bring the subject to life.
The level of detail and research is truly amazing. The detailed drawings produced by David Fetcher are exquisite and will help me reproduce some accurate models. The quality of the book itself and the production is top notch as well. Definitely one of the best railway related books I've bought
Excellent publication
David has spent a lot of time putting this excellent history of USA locomotives in Australia. Very good for reference material.
Amazing, wonderful...!!!
I received this latest publication and immediately got into it. I am very impressed with the layout of the book and the coloured drawings, especially with the seamless manner in which they are presented across pages on cover and front/end covers. The A3 size format of the book enables the illustrations to be clearly viewed on single page, making viewing a thoroughly enjoyable experience. This book certainly adds to the available information available on this subject in Australia. Thank you LRSSA for supporting such a wonderful concept and project.
on its veracity and quality of printing
The SAR locos were why I bought it and the details of fact and drawing are superb - I also value the archival photos that I have not seen before.
As an early days NSWR modeler I have built quite a few Baldwin locomotives . The painting of them was always Guesswork. Now I can try redoing them in what is a more accurate representation.
Many Thanks .
A beautiful book .
Keith Hughes.