Light Railways No.213 June 2010 pdf download - Now FREE, see description

Light Railways No.213 June 2010 pdf download - Now FREE, see description

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  • The Wootton-Mayers Point Tramway - Part Two (New South Wales)
  • The Southport - Burleigh road construction tramway (Queensland)
  • A bit of gardening ├ó┬Ç┬ö Further reminiscences of the closing days of the Beech Forest line (Victoria)
  • Letters: Exhibition building tramways, Melbourne (LR 212); North East Dundas Tramway rolling stock (LR 212); Tall Timber and Tramlines in Queensland
  • Research: Railways of Ocean Island and Nauru; Border Loop timber tramways NSW; A mobile light railway!; Derby Harbour Tramway (LR 57); Wangaratta ├ó┬Ç┬ö Whitfield railway (LR 147)
  • Industrial Railway News (9 items from around Australia, and Fiji)
  • Book Reviews: Sydney's Forgotten Industrial Railways
  • Heritage & Tourist Railway News (19 news items and Coming Events)

A fascinating lead article with an excellent range of photographs and maps, along with two good supporting articles. Includes pictures of an A class Climax locomotive in distress, and a most unusual little Hunslet locomotive.

This issue is now out of print and only available as a pdf download.

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