Light Railway News Nos 1 to 121 PDF

Light Railway News Nos 1 to 121 PDF

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This is a 19Mb pdf file containing every issue of Light Railway News that were published. It consists of 2458 A5 size pages, which can be searched using Adobe Reader.


From December 1977 to December 1997 Light Railway News was published separately to Light Railways magazine. It was the Society's news magazine. Since the February 1998 issue of Light Railways all the information previously published in Light Railway News has been published in Light Railways. This enables a much higher quality of presentation.

Information published in Light Railway News included:

  • Field reports - these are reports of visits to sites of abandoned specialised railways
  • Research column - a 'help-wanted' section for those involved in historical research
  • Locomotive, rolling stock & equipment manufacturers - news of items currently under construction or recently delivered
  • Industrial Railway News - a state by state listing of reports from operating specialised railways, in which Queensland sugar tramways are a major feature
  • Heritage and Tourist Railway News
  • Meetings notices


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