Rails to Rubicon

Rails to Rubicon

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Rails to Rubicon

A History of the Rubicon Forest

By Peter Evans

Published by the LRRSA
ISBN 978-0-909340-54-4

Hard cover, 200 pages, A4 size, 240 photographs and maps, bibliography, references, and index

This book by Peter Evans was published by the LRRSA in 1994 and has been out of print for about 15 years. The Society have now released a 2nd edition.

The book describes the 2 ft, 3 ft, and 3 ft 4½ in gauge tramways in Victoria’s Rubicon forest, and the 2 ft gauge tramway which connected the forest with Alexandra railway station. The tramways were used for the timber industry and for a hydro-electricity scheme.

Only minor changes have been made to the text, but photographic reproduction is greatly improved, and better quality paper is being used. The maps are now in three colours with waterways in blue, and the rolling stock diagrams are now in colour. A few black and white photographs have been replaced with colour versions, and there are a couple of extra photographs.


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