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Australasian Locomotive Builders Lists 2 – James Martin, Perry Engineering – PDF

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Australasian Locomotive Builders Lists 

2. James Martin & Company, Gawler
Perry Engineering Company Ltd, Mile End and Gawler, South Australia


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This is the second of the series, published in 1987. This volume covers the two South Australian companies James Martin and Perry Engtineering. Both companies built locomotives for Government railways – SAR, WAGR, CR, TGR – plus for private and industrial railways.

The series was never completed, but we have unearthed some stock which may be of interest to historians.  The foreword of this book states:

Locomotive history is an important facit of railway historical research and it is a topic which offers much toward untangling stories of early railway operations, particularly the many private lines which served the industries which built up our enconomy. The series, Australasian Locomotive Builders Lists, has been developed as a reference tool for those researching the history of railways in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Particular attention will be paid to the builders of industrial locomotives as these products generally have a complicated ownership history.

Although the series will focus on builders who primarily built locomotives for industrial use, all products of a particular builder which came to the region will be covered. However, gaps remain in the recorded history of many locomotives. Readers are invited to submit additional information on the history of any of the locomotives listed in order that any errors or omissions can be corrected. It is planned that these amendments will be made to future editions of the lists, thereby enabling the history of the many locomotives which worked on the industrial and public railways of our region to be more fully documented.

ISSN 0818-9374

32 pages, A4 size, 7 outline diagrams of selected locomotives.



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