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Australia’s Colourful American Locomotives

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Australia’s Colourful American Locomotives

Their Art & Architecture

by David Fletcher
ISBN 978 0 909340 57 5

Australia’s Colourful American Locomotives shows the livery of American locomotives at the time of their import to Australia. It dispels – once and for all – the myth that American steam locomotives have traditionally been black! With the exception of Shay and Climax geared locomotives, it includes all known American steam locomotives delivered to Australia from the first in 1876, up to 1920.

The locomotives worked in every Australian state, and in every type of service from tiny 2 ft gauge sugar tramway locomotives, to mainline broad-gauge goods and passenger locomotives.

The author, David Fletcher, also explains the influence of classical architecture on the development of the style of American steam locomotives in the nineteenth century.

Hard cover, Large format A3 size, 42 x 29cm landscape, 160 pages on heavy art paper, 56 large coloured scale diagrames, over 320 other illustrations

Weight 2610 g
Dimensions 440.0 × 310.0 × 25 mm



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