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Light Railways No.140 April 1998

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  • General Electric Locomotives for Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania)
  • The Incline at Harnett’s Sandstone Quarry – Mosman Bay (New South Wales)
  • The Beechy Battle (Victoria)
  • The Beechy since 1962 (Victoria)
  • Industrial Railway News (16 news items from around Australia)
  • Heritage & Tourist Railway News (24 news items and Coming Events)
  • Research Section
  • Book Reviews
  • Letters
Includes 35 black and white, and 11 colour photographs, five of the latter are of train operations on the 2 ft 6 in gauge Beech Forest railway. The Research Section includes a field report on Sanderson’s Noonday and Barwon Mills, both of which were submerged in 1962 by the West Barwon Dam, but due to drought have emerged temporarily from the mud, revealing amongst other things the funnel from a Victorian Railways “L” class 2-4-0ST loco!

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