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Speed Limit 20 PLUS

The Story of the Narrow Gauge Branch Lines of the VR

by Edward A Downes

Revised edition published by Puffing Billy Preservation Society, November 2017

Hard cover, 164 pages, 210 mm x 135 mm, many photographs and track diagrams

Long out of print, this is an updated version of the much sought-after book originally published in 1963. It is a history of the Victorian Railways’ five 2 ft 6 in
gauge lines, and it includes an additional chapter to cover events since 1963 .

The new version very closely follows the original in terms of page size, content, layout, and illustrations. In terms of quality the new version is superior to the old in every respect: the printing, the paper, the binding, and the photographic reproduction. Much more care has been taken with the cropping of locomotive and rolling stock photographs than was the case in the original version.

The original book ended at page 130 and no attempt has been made to update it to cover subsequent events. It describes the situation as it existed in 1963. However, pages 133 to 164 are all new and describe subsequent events relating to all five VR 2 ft 6 in gauge lines, including details of locomotives and rolling stock currently on the Gembrook and Walhalla lines, and what remains of the other three lines. Twenty-six new photographs are included in this section.

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