The Anatomy of a Garratt

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The Anatomy of a Garratt

A detailed look at the design and construction of K1. The original Garratt locomotive built for the Tasmanian Government Railways – A century ago.

By Peter Manning

Published by Peter Manning Design & Drafting

64 pages, A4 size landscape format, card cover spiral bound, about 350 illustrations.

This is a remarkable publication unlike anything we have sold before. Firstly it contains detailed technical diagrams (CAD drawings) of almost all components of the first Garratt locomotive in the world – the TGR’s K1.

In addition it contains numerous sub-assembly diagrams from various aspects, shown in both complete form, and as cut-aways showing the interior workings.

The result gives an incredible amount of detail on the structure of the locomotive, how it works, and how it all fits together.

There is enough information here to enable you to build a new K1 if you feel so inclined!

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