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Powelltown Tramway Centenary 1913-2013

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Powelltown Tramway Centenary 1913-2013

By Mike McCarthy and Frank Stamford
ISBN 978-0-909340-50-6


This publication is now out of print, however the Society has made it available as a Free Download. The book contains 44 photographs and 10 double page maps with gradient profiles. There are two versions – either single A4 pages (with all the double page spreads split over two successive pages) or as a double-page format with pairs of pages visible side-by-side.

  A4 single page download (21Mb)Download

 A4 double page download (13Mb)Download

This is a 32 page A4 publication to commemorate the centenary of the Powelltown Tramway, and released in conjunction with the Upper Yarra Valley Historical Society’s celebrations on 17 November 2013. It was included as a members’ supplement to Light Railways No.233, October 2013, and all financial members of the Society received a copy as part of their subscription.

The booklet was built around the original survey plans for the tramway, and is a stunning example of cartography. A series of double page spreads show the course of the line from Yarra Junction through Powelltown and “The Bump” tunnel, and then up beyond New Ada as far as Starlings Gap.Alongside the maps are gradient profiles, and there are numerous photographs. While a number of the photos may be well known, their reproduction in this publication is excellent, better then ever seen before.




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